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Can people easily find you on the internet? If someone needs your services, they will most likely look for you online, especially while there is a pandemic going on and we are all essentially at home. If the world before Covid-19 was already very online-focused, it had to adapt to an almost fully online setup when the virus hit. If not before already, by now most important info can be found on the internet. It is therefore critical that we make ourselves noticeable online.

When people search for your services on a search engine, it is crucial that your professional profile and/or website is among the first results. However, it is equally fundamental to make sure we keep the human aspect alive – people do business with real people. And this is where we come in. We can help you to improve your website’s SEO and get you top-ranked in search engines, promoting your business and making sure you connect with people looking for you. By signing up with us you can create your own profile, highlighting all the details you find relevant among your specialization, your professional background, and the languages you speak, all of which will give you global exposure to clients in your geographical area or looking to relocate there.

We are the growing global community of multilingual professionals specialized in multiple fields. From March 1st you will have the option to choose whether you’d like to have a premium profile or a free profile. Whichever option fits you better, make sure you join our network so you can have a competitive, unique advantage based on your biography and skills.

Below you can find the professions we cover - click the one that matches you to directly access the platform:

Go to www.gotothisguy.com and click the icon that matches your profession. You can then easily sign up to the platform – make sure you create a strong profile so you can quickly enter the market of global mobility and get more clients. Let people find their local professional, their “go-to guy”. Let people find you.